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Our Mission

Creating an environment where  Reviewers, Underwriters and appraisers have the same understanding of how regression works,  bringing consistency and easy validation 

Powerful Tool

Our Story

Why are some

adjustments to High?

As a professional in the Real estate industry, we all know the primary sources for valuation derivation. But given the evolution of technology and GSE demands there is now a “4th approach to value”.


A multivariate approach to adjustments, using big-data and market trend analysis, you can now include the “4th approach” into your final analysis, substantiating your final value

Testing your data

Regression can be complex and there are a lot of things that can go wrong if all the steps are not taken. The only way that you can trust your analysis is to test the results. We have found that MAPE (means of absolute percentage error) is a fantastic way to test your analysis. Each comp is valued as if it was the subject property. By using the group of predictors with the assigned adjustments MAPE see how close the model comes in predicting value for every comparable that was used in the analysis. The lower the score the better the results.”

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