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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics for Appraisers

Our Services

Easy MLS  upload

Gathering you MLS data  for Regression analysis will be one of the easiest  things you do.

Savvi data management system Cleans, Organizes and Stores your data automatically. No other software helps you prepare your data for analysis like Savvi. With our automatic processing system your MLS data is checked for missing or inaccurate data. Any data that may give false results is removed or corrected before analysis begin

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Data Analysis Acceleration

Have your regression analysis information with in minutes with all the supporting documents you need.


Your data is ran through all the necessary steps for the highest quality analysis possible.

Filtering, Time adjustment, Standard deviation,  condition,  Bi-variate analysis, Multi-regression, MAPE.

Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Analytics and see how easy it is

Analysis you can count on

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Time adjustment

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Choosing the right software

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Simple Regression VS Multi-regression


Getting started with your MLS search

Quality Testing

the most critical part of any analysis is testing you results.

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