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MLS Search

Analyzes your MLS search and makes suggestions  on improving your MLS  search for  better analysis results.


Clean and Standardize your data

Cleaning and standardizing your data is one of the most time consuming parts of analysis. Savvi will prepare  your data for analysis automatically within seconds.


Time and condition

Time and Condition adjustments are completed before your regression analysis begins. Without these adjustments your analysis would be off.


Simple  Regression

Savvi uses simple regression to  filter out any attributes that do not improve the predictive power of the model  and  finds the strongest

predictors  and places them in order of importance for analysis.


Multi  Regression

Every  variable is analyzed to check the effect on value and how each variable affects each other to help select the best group of predictors to estimate value.


Quality Control

The most important part of analysis is " TEST YOUR RESULTS".  Every comparable is analyzed as if it was the subject to see how close the selected group of predictors with the assigned value comes to estimating the sold  price. 

Quality Control

Let's Work Together

Regression can be easy with the right soft.  load your MLS data and we'll do the rest.

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