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The New Standard
in Data Analysis for Appraisers

Using your MLS data to it's fullest

Let Your Data Take Your Appraisal to Higher Grounds

With today's  requirements  you need a full regression analysis you can depend on.

Gathering you MLS data  for Regression analysis will be one of the easiest  things you do.


Your data is ran through all the necessary steps for the highest quality analysis possible.

Data  Analysis Acceleration

Have your regression analysis information within minutes with all the supporting documents you need.

Quality Control

Savvi checks every step of the process to ensure that your final analysis is reliable and definable

Testing your results for accuracy

Can you imagine what would happen if NASA would send a rocket into space and they did not test there data? Or any statistician,scientist

trusting t​here results with out testing. Anyone in the field of statistics  will tell you that your analysis needs to be tested.

Savvi Understands the challenges of today's appraiser.With all the new regulation and the growing liability, Appraisers need reliable analysis program that they can trust. Savvi has made the regression process easy to use   and test every step of the regression process to     ensuring that only the highest quality analysis is produced. It starts with that  gives the appraisers all the supporting documents they need to 

Take Pride in Your Numbers

Are all regression programs created equal?

Compare and see the difference
Simple regression VS Multi-regression
3d multi photo.jpg
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